Nerun's Distro

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Nerun's Distro

(spawn engine with mobs) 10-01-2016


Nerun's Distro is a script for RunUO centered on the settlement of the game, using the Premium Spawner engine. Easy to use, this distro includes spawns for a 100% spawned world, and tutorials in english and portuguese. Also Includes:

  • CEO's Yet Another Arya Addon Generator
  • Custom Regions in a Box 4.0
  • Joeku's Automatic Speed Booster
  • Joeku's Staff Runebook
  • Joeku's Toolbar
  • Static Exporter
  • Talow's Stairs Addon v1.0
  • Termax's Staff Orb
  • Zen Archer's Spawn Editor v2

Nerun's Dropbox and Downloads